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Name Sarah Whartman, W635
Death abt 1719
Will Proven 1719170
1 Captain William Sanford, S516
Death Jan 2, 1690
Marriage Mar 27, 1667, Surinam on the "Pink Susannah"
Children Katherine (-~1742)
William (~1670-~1733)
Notes for William (Spouse 1)
From History of Hudson County: Harrison page 300:
Captain William Sandford came from the West Indies; resided in Newark in 1675; was a member of the Council in the years 1681, '82. '84. In his domestic relations he seems to have loved "not wisely." In a deed to Mrs. Sarah Whartman, dated April 24, 1677, he acknowledges that four of his children were naturally born of her , and yet in his will, dated Jan. 2, 1690, he acknowledges her to be his lawful wife, "formerly Sarah Whartman, while some considerable reasons engaged us to consaile our marriage," and annexes thereto a certificate, which sets forth that the two were married "on board the Pink Susannah, in the river Surinam, March 27, 1667." He requested to be buried on his own plantation, and implored some of his friends "to assist and favour the concerns of a poor Ignorant Widdow and five Innocent Children with their best advice, help and Council, to preserve them from those Vultures and harpies wch prays on the Carkasses of Widdows and fatten with the Blood of Orphans." He died in 1692...617

Major Nathaniel Kingsland of Barbados, planter, leased his plantation in Suriname in 1664 for five years to his nephew, William Standiford.618

Title of Captain was conferred upon him July 15, 1675 while he was residing at Newark, as a captain of the militia

"In 1668, Kingsland sent his nephew, William Sandford, to his newly acquired territory to negotiate with the Indians, erect buildings, and map the territory. William Sandford of St. Mary's Parish, Island of Barbadoes, set sail in 1667 on the Pennance Susanna" taking with him a girl named Sarh Whartman. They were married aboard ship by Richard Vernon on March 27, 1667 on the River Surinam. Sandford, for some unknown reason, kept his marriage a secret and always referred to Sarah as a friend. It was not until after his will was approved in 1694 that the truth of his marriage to Sarah was revealed.609

"Major Nathaniel Kingsland of Barbados, planter, leased his plantation in Suriname in 1664 for five years to his nephew, William Standiford. Col. Standiford banished in 1662 from Surinam and in 1668 from Barbados by Lord Willoughby, removed in 1670 to Carolina". Source: The Standiford Family by Grace N. Paris, 1952. She cites as her reference: Oliver, Vere L.; Monumental Inscriptions in the Churches and Churchyards of the Islands of Barbados; published in London, 1915 by Hughes and Clark; p. 152-153

"Capts. Sandford and Berry were undoubtedly Englishmen by birth, but in early life went to the Island of Barnadoes, then under British rule, where they probably lived for some time."619

"The home comforts of the settlers in a few years were neither few nor stinted, with their houses covered with vines and surrounded with little gardens, with furniture from over the seas, and the ancestral plate and crockery carefully brought from Old Holland, and ranged in long rows upon the white shelves in the big spare-room; its spacious fireplace where the cherry log and wood-fire afforded light and warmth and comfort to all the inmates. These old hoses are all gone, but in many respects they might be envied to-day by the descendants of those early settlers. Soon the abundant crops of flax and hemp called for the spinning-wheel, the distaff, and the loom, and there was music in the spindle and shuttle, mingled with songs sung by the cradle and the fireside. Such homes as these, and such they were in all the colonies at that early day of honest told to subdue a wilderness and to acquire the conforts old domestic life, such homes as these have made America what it is."620

Note: Among the names of inhabitants of Barbados who possessed more than ten acres of Land in the year 1638 was Thomas Sandiford and William Sandiford.   The surname Sandforde can be found in 1657. In 1722 there were Honorable John Sandford, Colonel Richard Sandiford and Colonel William Sandiford.
Notes for William & Sarah (Family)
"In his will Sandford acknowledges Sarh Whartman as his lawful wife, 'some considerable reasons having engaged them to conceal their marriage,' and he attaches to the will a certificate of the marriage signed by Richard Vernon, as having been performed 'on the Pink Susannah in the river of Surinam, the 27th March, 1667.'"621
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